Kids with 2 Moms Are Better Than OK

Study finds children with lesbian parents have fewer behaviorial problems than kids with traditional parents.

Kids with 2 Moms Are Better Than OK Lopolo/Shutterstock

A new study has concluded that children of lesbian couple are better adjusted socially and academically than children from traditional families, CNN and HealthDay report.

The UCLA-based study (its findings were published in the journal Pediatrics) has been tracking more than 150 lesbian mothers since 1986. There are now 78 adolescents in the group on which the findings were based who were interviewed at age 10, then again at 17, according to both news organizations' articles.

These children were less likely to be rule-breakers or to exhibit aggressive behavior; but those who had felt "stigmatized" by others because of their family structure were somewhat more likely to have behavior problems, HealthDay reports. However, researchers found no significant psychological differences between those who had been stigmatized and those who hadn't.

According to the study, "even in homes where the lesbian parents had split up, researchers found that the teens still fared better than teens from more traditional families."

The study's author was quoting in HealthDay as saying that "the deliberation involved in the preplanned pregnancies may well account for the well-adjusted nature of the children raised in lesbian families."

Gay parenting remains controversial, with every aspect from the children's psychological adjustment, their parents' sexual orientation and adoption restrictions under fire, CNN reports.

Today's family comes in different shades and sizes. As our Ask the Labor Nurse blogger said in response to a reader's letter about gay parenting and infertility: "Parents come in all kinds of packages."

Regardless of family type, the strongest bonds are wrapped in a supportive net woven of community and extended relatives and friends. Remember, this is what family looks like now—and blood isn't the only bond that unites us.