OutDaughtered: New Parents of Quintuplets Reveal Secret to Sanity in Exclusive Interview

Danielle and Adam Busby of TLC'S OutDaughtered share parenting tips and advice in an exclusive interview.

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The stars of TLC’s new reality show OutDaughtered, Danielle and Adam Busby, know a thing or two about staying calm in the midst of new-baby chaos. The Busby pair struggled with infertility until something remarkable happened, and nine months later, America's only set of all-female quintuplets were born. The five one-year-old babies have an older sibling—another sister!—5-year-old Blayke.
We touched base with the tribe to snag some of the couple's best parenting hacks, because let's face it: most of us have a hard enough time staying on top of one kid!

FitPregnancy.com: Danielle, what was it like to find out you were carrying five babies?

Danielle Busby: It was a huge shock. We never thought this would happen to us and I became hysterical—laughing. I literally could not stop laughing at the situation.

FP: It must have been a lot of pressure knowing your body would have to carry five babies. What kind of thoughts were running through your head?

DB: After Blayke I actually had this change of lifestyle with wanting to better myself and my body. Within those four years [after Blayke and before the quints] I paid attention to what I was eating and how much exercise I was getting in. I was just so thankful my body was in better shape by the time I got pregnant with the quints.

FP: What was your diet like during your pregnancy?

DB: There were parts of my pregnancy where I had to consume 4,500 calories daily. I had not one craving ever because I worked with a dietitian and I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted to just fill up that allowance—especially ice cream shakes!

FP: What about your exercise routine?

DB: Exercise was really limited—at just 19 weeks I was already like a full-term pregnant woman. Working out is such a stress reliever and makes me feel happier, so I would do it as long as my heart rate didn't beat beyond 120 bpm. Fast-paced walking and yoga were some of my favorites! I actually kept 8 lb. dumbbells in my delivery room because I felt like I needed something to pass the time!

FP: So how do you stay on top of it all at home with five one-year-olds?

Adam Busby: We were lucky enough to learn how to be parents with Blayke—it was a bit of a trial run for us. We try to apply those skills to our new life and we're adamant about keeping a schedule for the quints. That's what helps keep it together.
DB: I can't imagine having five babies that didn't eat and nap at the same time! We know their routine, so we can still have quality time as husband and wife—and still spend special time with Blayke.

FP: Adam, what's it like living with seven females?

AB: I feel honored to share raising six girls with my wife—what an awesome feeling it is. I am not embarrassed of all of the things that come with girls. I think about all of the love and time I had put into Blayke before the quints came. It was so special. Now, we have that multiplied by five and it's so humbling to think about.

FP: Adam, does anything about raising all girls make you nervous?

AB: Well, I will have to stick close to at least one of them, so she will be a tattle tale and tell Daddy everything when they start getting older and keeping secrets!

FP: Have there been any wacky parenting moments that you've learned from together?

DB: We go through so many wacky days, it's almost comical in our house when all of the babies just start screaming. We just laugh at so many things.
AB: I was strolling the five babies through our neighborhood while Danielle was fixing the bottles downstairs in our home. A few women in our neighborhood came inside to help us, and all of the babies just started screaming. The neighbors started panicking a little bit, and I just had to smile and go with it. It was pretty funny.

FP: So ultimately, what are some of the most important parenting tips you can give to an overwhelmed new mom or dad?

AB: Keep a schedule. Do the best you can. Smile and go with it.