Photos Capture Couple's Adoption Journey

A photographer friend traveled with a Minnesota couple to capture their adoption experience in Florida. She didn't expect the photos to be this moving.

Photos Capture the Emotional Roller Coaster of Adoption Kristen Anne Photography

Sometimes, fifth time's the charm. After four potential adoption matches that didn't work out, Sarah and David Olson recently became parents to a baby girl, Tilly Pearl, and images of the process captured by a family friend give special insight to just how emotional the road to adopting a baby can be.

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ABC News reports that the Minnesota couple, biological parents to sons Zakary and Levi, who has Spina Bifida, wanted three children, despite Sarah's difficult pregnancies and Levi's surgeries.

"We love our boys but knew our family was not complete," David told the network. "Regardless of Levi's ongoing medical scenario, we wanted a third child. We tried to become pregnant for about eight months with no luck."

After connecting with Christian Adoption Consultants, and a series of disappointments, the Olsons were presented with a "stork drop," meaning a baby is available for immediate adoption, according to ABC News.

The couple flew to Florida with Kristen Prosser, a friend and professional photographer, and Prosser's images show emotions ranging from hope to worry to full-on adoration and love.

"Sarah and I had been talking about the idea of these photographs ever since she started the adoption process," Prosser, of Kristen Anne Photography, tells Fit Pregnancy. "I was thrilled to be able to witness such a beautiful moment and I know Sarah and David are glad it was captured, so they can remember that moment and the emotions forever."

Prosser calls the experience "surreal."

"I was trying to hold it together and focus on the photos, but I was sobbing behind the camera," Prosser says. "It was so special to be a part of."