Postnatal Health

Frozen Condoms May Be the Best Trick for Postpartum Relief

The unexpected must-have for sore, healing postpartum moms? Condoms. Seriously--you'll want to stock up on condoms. Here's why.

Postpartum Products to Make Recovery Easier

From C-section scar healers to postpartum nutrition--and of course, lots and lots of pelvic support--these items will help ease your postpartum recovery so you can focus on your new little one.

Tips for How to Lose the Baby Weight

7 surefire ways to get back into shape after having your baby.

How Long It Takes Your Belly to Go Down After Birth

A postpartum weight-loss timeline.

Beyond The 'C'

Expert advice on recovering from a Cesarean section.

Postpartum Care Kit For New Moms

Eight must-have postpartum products every new mother needs to recover from delivery.

Your Postpartum Body: What to Expect and What to Do

Our experts--doctors, trainers and physical therapists--will help guide you, body part by body part, through this strange new land.

Staying Healthy During Holiday Travel

It's hard enough being pregnant or caring for a newborn with your health and sanity intact, without adding the stress of travel and the risk of illness to the mix. Here are your best strategies for warding off aches and pains this holiday season.

Get in Shape with Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers might just be considered the perfect postnatal workout. Once you get your doc's OK, incorporate these into your exercise routine.

Ice Skater: Perfect Postnatal Exercise

Ice skaters are a great way to tone your whole body. While they can be done in pregnancy, they're even better as a workout to get your body back after baby.

The Difference Between the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

What 70 percent of new moms need to know.

Oh, Your Aching Head

Postpartum headaches can be painful. What to do and how to prevent them from coming back.

Your Changing Body After a C-Section

Yes, recovering from a Cesarean section hurts--it's major surgery!

7 Truths About Your Vaccine Concerns

...and other reasons some parents don't want to vaccinate. Here's the science behind the concerns.

The Postpartum Exercise Plan for Moms Who Can't Wait to Get Back to It

Your journey to feeling strong, energized, and healthy in your new-mom skin starts here.

Bar Refaeli Got Pregnant a Few Months After Giving Birth Because Yeah, It Happens

PSA: Bar Refaeli got pregnant mere months after welcoming a baby and you can too. The fact that the model is expecting again isn't shocking...but is it healthy?

7 Things to Avoid When You're Breastfeeding

Want to keep your breast milk flowing--and your baby safe? Avoid these foods, medications, and herbs, which could reduce your breast milk supply, make your baby fussy, or otherwise be unsafe.

'Pretty Little Liars' Tammin Sursok Reveals Epic Battle With Postpartum Anxiety

Tammin Sursok opened up about the anxiety she experienced after welcoming her baby, and her admission is 100 percent relatable.

See the Ridiculous Body Shaming One Actress Faced--and Her Glorious Comeback

British actress and new mama Stephanie Davis has some words for an Instagram user who body shamed her just three months after she had a baby.

Mom Shares her Postpartum Reality: 'I Couldn't Believe it Was Me'

This mom's raw postpartum photo makes a really powerful statement--and you'll love the way she reached out to other moms to let them know they're not alone.

Birthday Suit Bonus

Skin-to-skin contact benefits both mom and baby.

Mom's Viral Post Proves You Should Never Tell a Woman to Change her Postpartum Body

A mother was out shopping when another woman suggested she try a product that would change her postpartum body--and the mama's point about why this is so not ok is a great one.

Why You Want a Healthy BMI a Year After Baby

Women who had a higher BMI one year postpartum were more likely to have pelvic organ prolapse, per a new study. Here's why shedding your pregnancy weight matters.

10 New-Mom 'Mistakes' That Are Okay to Make

Don't let the judgy social media commenters or well-intentioned loved ones get you down--it's okay to make these so-called new mom "mistakes."