Chinese Artist Offers Tattoos to Transform Birth Scars

Women with C-section scars may want to hide or fade those marks—or they could take a cue from this Chinese artist and turn them into beautiful works of art.

The scars you earn while giving birth are worth rocking with pride. After all, they're symbols of what your body went through to bring your baby into this world! But hey, we get it: Plenty of moms out there wish they didn't have those marks on display every time they get into bikinis. 

But what if there was a way to embellish those scars? A Chinese tattoo artist has found one, and he's offering it up to the country's many women who give birth via C-section.

Shi Hailei understands that the desire to hide C-section scars has spurred a demand for products and procedures that can minimize or remove the scars—but maybe the answer isn't getting rid of or hiding those scars. Maybe it's about transforming them into images that better represent what they really mean.

That's what Hailei is doing: He tattoos gorgeous images over the scars—moms request tattoos of flowers, animals and more at his studio, Samurai Tattoo, which located in a Shanghai suburb.

"A tattoo makes a woman more confident. She will no longer feel ashamed to show her abdomen," Hailei told Reuters of his decision to create these tattoos. While we certainly don't believe any mom should be 'ashamed' of those scars in any way, we understand that this sort of approach gives moms control over them. If you're not aesthetically pleased with the sight of yours, changing its appearance could certainly be an option. We love the prospect of tattooing your baby's name or birthdate over the scar.

While Hailei may be something of a pioneer in this space (he was reportedly inspired by Brazilian artist Flavia Carvalho, who tattooed over scars on domestic violence victims), we bet you could request a C-scar transformation from your local tattoo artists. What do you think of this concept—is it something you'd consider doing?