FINALLY: A Workout Postpartum Women Will WANT to Do

This campiagn totally nails the one kind of workout new moms can get behind, just in time for Mother's Day!

If you're less than thrilled about the prospect of trudging through your sleep deprivation and heading back to the gym after you've given birth...well, Reverie feels you. We all know that when you're pregnant, it's super important to work out often—and that while you should take a bit of time off from the gym right after you give birth, it's definitely not a good idea to let that time off stretch into eternity. But let's face it: Hitting up a Pilates class when you have a newborn to raise? Ain't nobody got time (or energy. Or clean workout clothes.) for that.

If you're with us on that point, Reverie's new campaign will speak to your soul. The sleep system company just released a mom-centric ad campaign ahead of the most mom-centric of holidays, and it's pretty adorable. And also relatable. So relatable.

The campaign's video is entitled "The Reverie New Mom Workout," and it features a new mama performing a series of "workout moves" from the comfort of her own Reverie bed. The mother certainly gives her fingers a workout as she manipulates the bed into different positions. She hits standby workout moves like the "plank" (that can by done while you're splayed out in bed, right?) and the lunge (which involves lowering the bed so she can pick her remote up off the floor, natch.)

Overall? This is really the most appealing kind of workout a new mom can find—because if there's one thing you need during that phase of life, it's more time spent in bed. This is also the kind of thing a preggo would love, too—and while we can't quite recommend sticking to this sort of workout exclusively, we can totally get behind a fitness regimen that can be done from bed (it does exist!) 

This new mom workout may not keep you as healthy as possible, but the bed looks like a pretty fabulous set-up for new moms who are working from home, nursing and/or enjoying new-parent-style date nights (translation: watching 10 minutes of Netflix in bed before falling asleep). Unfortunately, the bed probably isnt going to act as a home gym if you buy it, but hey, we can dream, right?