Think Pelvic Floor Exercises Can't be Fun? Meet 'The Kegel Bear'

You've probably heard that kegels are essential after you give birth—and this (admittedly, strangely concepted) book can make the dreaded workout move a bit more enjoyable. 

Fact: There aren't many people out there who genuinely enjoy doing kegels. And another fact: Most of us forget to do them. But there is a bear who happens to enjoy the exercise quite a bit, and his name is—fittingly enough—The Kegel Bear.

That's the name of a illustrated book that aims to help moms keep their pelvic floors in check. The book aims to rebuild the pelvic floor strength they lost giving birth, and help reduce some unpleasant side effects (one word: leakage). Consider The Kegel Bear a slightly weird, funny (and strangely effective) way to address one of the more pesky aspects of postpartum healing.

The book was written by Natalie Bayne and illustrated by Bill Robinson, and it stars a bear who loves to give hugs (or rather squeezes....get it?)

There's no overt mention of kegels in the book's text, which makes it slightly less awkward if Dad or a babysitter ends up reading it during the bedtime routine. Children will think they're simply hearing a story about an affectionate animal, but the book is also filled with subtle reminders to fit in those kegels whenever possible. After all, remembering to squeeze (no pun intended) in those kegels is half the battle, isn't it?

Bayne is a mother of two herself, and her own postpartum experience inspired the book's premise. Bayne realized that while she should have been doing kegels repeatedly throughout the day, what she was actually doing over and over again was reading her kids the same stories—and just like that, the idea to create a child-friendly book that would offer up a serious benefit to mamas as well materialized.

What do you think of this concept? Fun—or a little too weird?