10 Ways Adoption Changes Your Life

Actress Nia Vardalos on becoming an 'Instant Mom'


You probably recognize Nia Vardalos as the screenwriter and star of comedies such as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "Connie and Carla" and "I Hate Valentine's Day." An alum of Second City, the actress took on her most difficult role to date in 2008 when she, along with husband Ian Gomez (who you can currently see on "Cougar Town"), adopted a daughter.

Vardalos has been open about her adoption experience in interviews and blog posts, but now she's sharing her whole story in her new book, "Instant Mom," from her early days in comedy to fertility treatments to the day she met her child for the first time in her book.

Nia reveals to Bookish the top 10 hilarious ways her life changed when she became a parent:

When we met, my daughter was almost three years old. Quite suddenly, I became the mom of a pre-schooler. Instantly, things changed:

1. Suddenly, bathroom time is no longer a private situation. My daughter joins me in the shower, points to my various body parts and asks questions, followed by a lot of "ew."

2. Ditto for our bed: My husband and I often find ourselves joined by a three-foot, warm-bodied, wild-haired creature who sleeps like a constantly moving open pair of scissors.

3. I chat for hours--with someone I just met at a play structure--about poop.

4. A facial now means I have time to wash my face.

5. I can’t return texts anymore. Not only because I can’t text while driving between school, soccer and playdates, but because I can't pry the phone from my daughter’s fingers.

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