11 Things You Should Do Before You Have a Baby

Our readers' list of to-do's and splurges. Check them off your list before baby is born.

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So you've made your birth plan and a killer Pinterest nursery inspirations board. What else should you do before that tea-cup-rest you've been lugging around makes his or her debut?

We asked our readers to write my article for me. I mean, share their advice.

1. "Take a vacation together. Flying without a baby is something you'll miss." –J., via Twitter

2. "My husband took a few days off before the baby was born just to spend with me. We spent time outside together, went for some great walks, slept in, went out for a few meals, etc." – Jordan, via Facebook

3. "Record a message to your little one about how excited you are to meet him/her." –Nikki, via Twitter

4. "Take pregnancy photos, even if you feel huge and ugly." –Rachel, via Facebook

5. "I like hiring someone to give the apartment a mega cleaning a few weeks before the due date (after the point where I can't bend down and scrub the bathtub anymore." – Sarah, via Facebook

6. "Enjoy silence." Jorge, via Twitter

7. "Date your older child! You don't want her to feel like the baby is getting all of the attention and you don't have time for her!" – Nicole, via Facebook

8. "Take naps during the day. Those are the BEST!" – Elaina, via Facebook

9. "Enjoy a concert of one of your favorite bands. We splurged on VIP tickets. " – Janice, via Facebook

10. "Oh and don't forget to buy paper plates. It just makes life that much easier." – April, via Facebook

11. As for me, here's how I answered this question recently, when a friend asked for some recommended reading on childbirth and rearing philosophies:

I said, my recommended reading would be long, delicious novels. There's only so much preparation you can do for the hurricane that is about the hit your life. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it's here.

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