9 Months Pass in 48 Seconds in This Cute Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video

A clever time-lapse video uses a balloon to mirror the growth of a mom’s belly over nine months of pregnancy.

Couple Creates Cute Stop-Motion Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video Using Balloon

How would you describe your changing body while pregnant? Like someone is blowing up a balloon in your stomach? One couple took that idea and ran with it in this fun time-lapse video documenting their 9-month journey to become parents.

The stop-motion footage starts with the soon-to-be dad blowing up a balloon and passing it back to the expectant mama, after giving her a quick kiss. She then puts the balloon to her lips, and as the balloon deflates, her belly grows, highlighting ideas of expansion and contraction.

Set to synthesized music reminiscent of a video game, the playful clip marks the passage of time by showing the seasons flash by in an open window, along with little yellow sticky notes indicating the number of weeks pregnant. When they reach 40, the father floats back into the frame—Cupid-style—with a bow and arrow aimed at his partner’s stomach. He hits the target, effectively “popping” her belly, and a tiny baby appears in her arms.

This beautiful mini-movie was uploaded to YouTube about two months ago, titled simply “Tale of Nine Months,” and lists credits in the description. The dad, Matan Tamarkin, was the photographer and editor, his beautiful partner, Yonatan Tamarkin, “patiently waited,” their newborn daughter, Niki, was “posed and carried,” and their floppy-haired dog, Shemtov, even got a mention as an extra.

We may even have another one of these videos to look forward to sometime soon. This one ends with Matan blowing up another balloon and handing it off to Yonatan so that, presumably, the entire process can repeat itself. Not sure how the (very) new mom feels about that…