Adorable Couple Dances Through Pregnancy, Challenges Others to Do the Same

This mama-to-be is busting out her best dance moves throughout her pregnancy, and she hopes other preggos will do the same.

Gemma Marin has a challenge for all the pregnant ladies out there: She just wants you to dance.

Marin is even serving up the inspiration you need to do just that—she and her partner are posting Instagram clips of themselves dancing on her Instagram page, and they're too adorable for words. These two have some pretty amazing dance moves, but according to this couple, dancing has benefits that can help even the most rhythmically-challenged preggos. 

Marin and her partner, Israel Duffus, hope to inspire other expectant parents to move. Dance has always been a part of this mama-to-be's life, but she discovered a new appreciation for it during her pregnancy. 

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Let's keep dancing!!! We're are doing a CHALLENGE for all pregnant women in the world🌎!! If you're pregnant record your self dancing this rutine with your partner/friend/family and tag🏷 @Gemma_Marin @duffus25 and Hashtag #pregnantdancingchallenge Next Sunday we'll choose one video and @luli.bebe will #GIVEAWAY a beautiful Diapers Bag!! LET'S SHOW HOW PREGNANT WOMEN CAN DANCE 🤰🏼 Sigamos bailando!!! Esta vez hacemos un CHALLENGE a todas las embarazadas del mundo🌍!! Si estas esperando un bebe grábate bailando esta coreografia con tu pareja/amigo/familiar etiquetanos @gemma_marin @duffus25 y añade hashtag #pregnantdancingchallenge El proximo domingo elegiremos un video y @luli.bebe hará un #GIVEAWAY a la ganadora de una bolsa de maternidad!! ENSEÑEMOS AL MUNDO COMO BAILAMOS LAS EMBARAZADAS!!!🤰🏼 Song/Cancion: Shakira/Rabiosa

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"I've been dancing all my life since I was two years old, I've done it professionally so many years in Spain," Marin told Fit Pregnancy. "When I moved to LA I focused more on acting, but dancing is and it will be always inside me. For me dancing makes me feel great, it keeps my happiness, positive energy and good mood."

Dance has helped Marin deal with some of the nastier parts of pregnancy (think fatigue, nausea, and general soreness) and she's challenging other pregnant women to embrace the act—she's even asking other women to share videos of themselves doing the same routine. She plans to give away a diaper bag to one dancing lady.

"There are stages of pregnancy where so many pregnant [women have] a hard time (and I've been one of them as well) because of nausea, pain, emotional changes due to the hormones, etc. So I'm doing the challenge just to prove them that maybe with a little bit of motivation they can change that and try to enjoy pregnancy as much as I'm doing," Marin said. "It's not dancing crazy, or doing a one hour routine, it's more something for our spirit, our mood. They way we feel has to do with our attitude, so I'm challenging them to have a nice and positive attitude! And also, it's really good for the baby and the mom being active and doing some exercise!"

Will you take the challenge?