Adorable Time-Lapse Video Shows Twin Pregnancy Progression

This time-lapse video is the cutest thing we've seen all day—and it's also a pretty incredible look at how a woman's body changes while she's expecting twins.

Adorable Time-Lapse Video Shows Twin Pregnancy Progression Heather Tomoyasu/YouTube

So. Stinking. Cute.

That's basically what went through our minds when we first saw this video—it's a time-lapse showing one woman's journey through pregnancy. She's expecting twins and the video gives you more than just a visual of how her body changes as it becomes a growing home to a pair of "wombies"—it also displays the woman's partner and firstborn's reactions to the whole process.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that this video is going viral. After all, it's just the sort of feel-good entertainment we so desperately need right now. In addition to being seriously sweet, the video is also expertly shot and spliced together so seamlessly. It really does give viewers a sense of how quickly pregnancy progresses. And how could you not smile at the image of the mother's eldest child kissing her growing belly?

The video comes courtesy of Heather Tomoyasu, a YouTuber who shares regular snapshots of her life as a mom in Brooklyn with her Japanese husband. Head to her channel if you want to see all the cuteness it contains—just don't blame us when you find you've completely killed your productivity by watching every video of her beautiful little family.