Adventures In Babyland

5.27.10 Negotiating the path to motherhood

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Greetings! I’m Kate, and I’m so excited to chat with you guys during the rest of my pregnancy. I’m currently 28 weeks along with my first baby, a boy, and I’m just starting to gear up, literally and figuratively. Over the next few months I’ll talk about what I’m feeling and doing, but I’ll also review products and talk about how I’m setting up my nursery and making choices about the gear I actually need (and which things can wait, since we live in an apartment with limited space!).

I’ve lucked out with a fairly easy pregnancy so far (knock wood!), though as an avid cook and a food blogger I was shocked to just...not care about food for the first three months. One tip: Raw almonds were my go-to snack to stave off waves of “you didn’t eat recently” nausea (my usually-beloved roasted almonds had too much flavor; I could only eat the raw ones). If you live near a Trader Joe’s, they sell bags of roasted or raw almonds already doled out in one-serving packets, called “Just a Handful.” Brilliant. I still keep those and s’mores-flavored Luna Bars in my purse, though now I’m also going through Tums at an alarming rate—I vote for the classic “Assorted Fruit” flavor.

It may not seem like baby prep, but we just got back from a two+ week trip: We really wanted to take one last vacation as a couple, since travel will be significantly more complicated going forward. We spent a week driving around Ireland and Scotland, a week in France near the Spanish border, and a couple days in Dublin. I have to admit, I spent as much time stressing over what I would wear as I did planning where we’d stay--I only really moved into maternity clothes a couple weeks before we left, and my wardrobe was very limited. Turns out that one good pair of skinny jeans (Old Navy maternity, bought on special for $20), a couple pairs of leggings, some knit dresses and tunics, a knit skirt from American Apparel, a few 3/4-sleeve and short-sleeved shirts, and two sweaters carried me through.

We spent so much time in the car and on flights, leggings were by far the most comfortable thing, especially since the baby and my belly seemed to double in size while we were gone. I’d also freaked out about shoes, since I always manage to get those wrong on trips. I mostly relied on my trusty old brown boots and a super-comfy-and-not-too-hideous new pair of Naturalizer sandals, which I didn’t even have to break in before wearing!

Now that we’re home and my jet lag is beginning to fade, I’m finally turning my attention to the nursery, which we’re converting from a rather sad and petite tv/guest room. First up: How big to go for the dresser, to be used as a changing table. Should I get one with built in bookshelves on the sides, or stick to a smaller one with just drawers? Ready-made, custom from the unfinished furniture place, or vintage? Stay tuned.

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Mass. When she's not cooking or writing, she is gearing up for the arrival of her first child this summer.