April Fool

The joke's on me

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On April 1st, I decided to wake Will up with yet another surprise.
As soon as he opened his eyes, I hit him with: “By the way, I forgot to tell you that the midwife called yesterday. She said my blood work came back, and that my hormone levels are going through the roof, which would explain why I’ve been feeling so sick. She also said that the higher-than-normal hormone levels may indicate that we’re having twins.”
I watched as the blood drained from Will’s face.
He lay there, pale-faced, not saying anything. Just blinking. You could have sliced the air with a knife and served it on a platter. In the two-second span that it took to drain all the blood from Will’s face, I squirmed anxiously, then, unable to take it any longer, I blurted out: “Happy April Fool’s Day!” I laughed nervously, suddenly remembering why I never like to play April Fool’s jokes.
It wasn’t quite the reaction I was expecting from my kid-loving husband. Apparently, this was no laughing matter. But, since I’d finally gotten my own mind wrapped around the idea of three kids, I figured: “Hey, what’s one more?!” We just got the minivan – pack ‘em in!
Apparently, one more is a lot. As I’m about to find out.
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