Australian Mom's Store Has a Special Demographic: Premature Infants

A mother has created a store that helps the parents of premature infants celebrate every milestone, no matter how small.

If you're the parent of a premature infant, you know the feeling: Baby clothes are rarely made to fit your little one, the way you announce your child's arrival might not mirror the posts you see all over social media, and the way you'll celebrate your baby's growth and development milestones might look a bit different than the way most parents do. 

But Miracle Mumma is here to honor the journey families of premature babies face: Australian mom Amy Purling welcomed her son, James, at 30 weeks. Her experience working through those early days with her son inspired her to start selling goods other parents of preemies could use.

"These unique milestone cards were inspired by my own little miracle, James, who was born 10 weeks early and spent the first 5 weeks of his life in NICU," Purling told Fit Pregnancy. "It was the toughest time of our lives, and the only thing that helped get us through was celebrating each little milestone he reached. This was sometimes as simple as opening his eyes or sucking his dummy, but it was huge to us. It was during this time that the idea of preemie milestone cards came to me. I wanted to offer a way for parents to be able to document these big leaps and give them something to look forward to at such an uncertain time. I have since made it my mission to support other families going through this experience and help offer them a glimmer of hope."

Purling created a line of milestone cards to represent the major developmental moments in a preemie's life—think due dates, NICU discharges, first sign of weight gain. Purling also sells prints specifically for premature infants, and she plans to roll out a selection of scrapbooks as well.

"James came home from hospital, and I started using a baby book to document his progress each month," Purling wrote on Miracle Mumma's site. "I quickly realized his milestones weren't the same as a full term baby, and he was reaching them at different ages...Premature babies are unique and their early entrance tells a special story."