Aww, This Woman Gave Birth to Her Best Friend's Baby

What a beautiful story and an amazing friendship.

Woman Gives Birth To Best Friend's Son Instagram

Whitney Britt (right in the photo at left) thought she was just meeting her best friend for dinner when she received some life-changing news. Britt, who had been trying to have a baby for five years, was in the process of seeking out a surrogate—little did she know, the answer to her problems was right under her nose. 

"I found someone to be your surrogate," her best friend, Jamie Howell (left), told her. It was music to Britt's ears. Though she had been struggling with infertility for five years, the last two had been especially heartbreaking. Britt tried to think of who Howell could be suggesting but came up empty—and that's when Howell suggested something incredible. 

Britt asked her best friend whom she had in mind.

"It's me," Howell answered. 

Fittingly, a baby was the very thing that brought these two women together. Though they were opposites when they met as kids—Britt a cheerleader, Howell a soccer player—their connection was instant.

When Howell learned she was pregnant in high school, it was Britt who stood by her. She took her friend to the doctor, kept her secret and never judged her. She was right there 21 years ago when her best friend gave birth for the first time.

Fast forward to a few years ago, when Britt and her husband Drew received a frustrating (but all too common) diagnosis: They suffered from "unexplained infertility." Doctors couldn't find any real reason as to why they weren't getting pregnant.

The Britts went through countless expensive fertility treatments. None of them worked.

Howell, who is married and a mother of two, didn't have any desire to have more children of her own—but having her best friend's child was something she was willing to do. Howell's husband agreed and the process began.

The first attempt at implantation failed, leaving both Howell and Britt devastated. Then, against all odds, Britt got pregnant naturally in March 2015...only to find that the baby would not survive. She was ready to give up completely, but her best friend encouraged her to try the surrogacy route one more time. And so they did.

This time, the implantation worked. "It's been a whirlwind ever since then," Britt says about finding out her best friend was carrying her child. 

With Britt in Nashville and Howell in Memphis, the pair have spent the last nine months chatting over the phone and planning trips to see each other. Their most recent reunion occurred in the labor and delivery unit when Howell gave birth to her best friend's son, Crews Asher Britt, on June 2.