Baby Announcement Doubles as a Horror Film

We thought we'd seen it all when it comes to baby and pregnancy announcements, but this couple did something so unusual, it's scary. You got to see it to believe it.

Baby Announcement Doubles as a Horror Film Matt MacMillan/YouTube

When it comes to baby announcements, we've seen everything from moving tearjerkers to hilarious photos—but we haven't seen anything quite as scary as this one.

New Jersey couple Matt and Alyssa MacMillan pulled out all the stops to announce they're expecting their first child. Instead of simply throwing up a social media announcement, they made a full-on horror movie trailer. The film is called "Baby" (obviously) and will release during the summer of 2016. Pretty clever, right?

In the trailer, the couple is sitting at the dinner table when the women points out that something is amiss, which prompts the couple to investigate as to what is "haunting" them. Though the clips that follow are meant to resemble a horror movie, the trailer is also filled with telling moments that any to-be mom will understand all too well—Alyssa is shown deep in the throes of morning sickness while her husband is spotted stocking up on ice cream.

The couple of eight years told Babble they wanted to do something "fun" (uh, mission accomplished, guys). They do have a leg-up on other to-be parents of the world, though. After all, Matt, who calls filmmaking a hobby, is no stranger to viral Internet videos. They also enlisted a friend, Brian Affleck (no relation to Ben, but really, with a name like that you have to be pretty good with movie-related things) to help them put the whole thing together.

Despite all this, we have to say it: We're impressed. This baby is announcement is good. Scary good.