Baby Eczema

No More Chocolate Cake.


David has developed eczema. His forehead and cheeks are covered with a thick red scaly rash. It must itch because he keeps scratching his face. I've tried some different remedies, but so far I've seen only minor improvement. We have a doctor's appointment soon, but in the meantime I'm hoping to find a natural cure.

I've always believed that what we eat affects our health. Since I have sensitive skin myself, I've seen the correlation between good eating and healthy skin. Too much sugar in particular wreaks havoc on me. With the holidays here, my house is currently filled with all kinds of sugary treats. I've had a hard time resisting. There's the triple chocolate cake from last night, the chocolate chip cookies we baked for Santa, the sugar cookies the girls made at their Grammy's house, the candy canes, the chocolate coins, the lifesavers, the apple cider and loads more of sugary delights.

So I'm wondering if my over-indulging is aggravating David's skin. Even beyond the extra sweets I've been eating, I'm trying to figure out what else in my diet may be contributing to the problem. Cow's milk in a mother's diet has been shown to exacerbate eczema. And unfortunately, I drink lots of skim milk. I can live without the cake and cookies, but cutting out milk will be a challenge. I'm not a fan of soy milk, and I practically live on cereal these days (the perfect meal for busy moms). I'm willing to try it though if it will help David's skin.

I'm not just eliminating foods as a solution. I've added some supplements to my diet. And I'm finally lacing up my sneakers so I can start my running program. Even though it's winter, I have to exercise. Those last ten pounds of baby weight are still with me. I need the stress relief too. There might not be a specific link between exercise and healthy breastmilk, but it's my gut feeling that the healthier I become, the healthier David will be.

Hopefully these changes will help. I can't stand to watch David scratch his face in discomfort. Altering my diet and braving the cold weather to exercise isn't entirely easy for me. If I didn't have the cutest motivation in the world, I suspect I would be eating left-over chocolate cake instead of oatmeal and fruit this morning. Oh, the things we do for our kids!