Baby Shower

07.29.10 Week 37


The baby and I have been thoroughly, lovingly showered, and man, everyone was right about waiting to buy clothes! I sorted everything by size and type and it fills half the nursery floor.

My shower was so lovely and fun: It wasn't huge, and we were on a friend's back patio, so we all really got to visit. I was in charge of favors and I managed to forgo my usual Martha Stewart tendencies and just bought a bunch of wood veneer animal masks from a craft store, along with markers to color them in. It was a fun activity and when we took a group photo I made sure there was one with all the masks!

I was overwhelmed by the distances people traveled to be there, and the feeling—familiar from back when I got married—of being surrounded by people who support and care about me. There aren't many times in our lives when we get to gather people who are special to us from all different circumstances, but it sure is a treat when we do. I have to admit I'd been feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself because my 30th birthday is this weekend and of course being two weeks away from giving birth means seriously curtailing the various fantasy plans I'd made to celebrate. But that feeling has honestly vanished, thanks to the shower and especially a visit from one of my oldest friends, who flew in from San Francisco to be there.

(Off topic, but brilliant: Ages ago when I was visiting her we spent some time in a Jonathan Adler store and I explained that I'm obsessed with his stuff, so she has been giving me JA pieces for gifts ever since. I'm building a nice collection, and this year she asked them for something for a 30th birthday and check out what she found: The Utopia totem vase. How perfect is that for someone who will be jumping from coupledom to family of three very soon?)

This week I'm madly running errands, trying to wrap up all kinds of loose ends and really, truly get organized. I'm ordering frames for the poster that will go up in the nursery and a needlepoint piece that my mother-in-law embroidered for Ben's nursery when she was pregnant with him. I'm also doing stuff like cleaning out the fridge and freezer, sorting through piles of old magazines, and so forth. No, I'm not nesting--I have no urge to do these things, but I know that I need to get them done now. Especially the fridge. My mom is already making a list of things to cook and freeze when she visits after the baby is born, so I'd better clear out some room!

My big challenge now is sleep. I've always been a restless, light sleeper (Dear Baby: Please take after your dad, sleepwise...) and of course pregnancy has made it worse. But I used to just wake up and then go back to sleep. Now I've started waking up and lying there for hours, completely awake. This morning I gave in after two hours and got up at 6, but then was able to take a nap for a while later in the morning. Maybe I should just go ahead and get up at 4:15 next time, press the reset button, and try again an hour later?

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Mass. When she's not cooking or writing, she is gearing up for the arrival of her first child this summer.