Baby's First Christmas

12.25.09: A letter from Santa

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Since our entire family has been sidelined by the flu this Christmas, instead of a regular blog, I'm posting this letter we found on our coffee table this morning, written by the big guy himself.

Happy Holidays!

Dear Julia, Charlie and Jack,

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the nice cookies and milk. Rudolph loved his carrots so much, you should have heard how hard he was shaking his sleigh bells! I sure hope he didn't drop any. [He did! Right down the fireplace...]

Well, I hope you like your presents, but remember: next Christmas will only come for those children who are good all the time.

Brave Charlie, you need to try very hard to listen, and teach your little brother.

Sweet Julia, continue to set a good example for your brothers, even when they make it hard for you.

And be good to your parents, who love you so much.

Take care of each other!


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