Behold: The Full-Term Pregnant Pole Dancer

Meet the woman who has continued pole dancing throughout the duration of her pregnancy with no signs of stopping even though she's in her ninth month.

Behold: The Full-Term Pregnant Pole Dancer Cleo The Hurricane/Facebook

Looks like pole dancing while pregnant is becoming a veritable trend. The latest is Jill MacLean's story and it's pretty impressive—especially since she's still doing the splits with a full baby bump.

MacLean is known as "Cleo the Hurricane" and she completely lives up to the nickname—the women is an absolute force and her pregnancy hasn't changed that in the least.

"I absolutely love being pregnant (for the most part) but I have also never felt so unsexy as I do today (especially in the last trimester)," MacLean posted on her blog. "Womanly definitely, feminine yes, confident yes but sexy? That's a big no!"

Her trick for bringing sexy back? Pole dancing.

It's no secret that pregnant women need to be careful when exercising. Pole dancing can be particularly tricky—your balance is compromised, so certain tricks can be unsafe. MacLean keeps this in mind and has stopped doing inversions to protect her baby. Still, the two-time Miss Pole Dance Australia champion stays connected to the pole dancing world. Sometimes she'll even just don her pole dancing costumes and heels—and we say anything that makes a pregnant woman feel sexier or more like herself is a good thing.

"I have really enjoyed putting on my pole heels, getting dressed up and taking pictures," she told People. "Not just for social media but for myself! And also to document my pregnancy journey. Plus, I'm having fun and am not in any way putting my child at risk. My husband is the one taking the pictures in our own personal studio space where I shoot other pole dancers teaching tutorials for my website," she says, adding, "I would never put on a pair of 7 or 8-inch heels if I wasn't completely comfortable and confident in them."

The nine-months-pregnant dancer admitted that there are people who have trashed what she's doing. "As women we all want to feel sexy," she said in her own defense. "This is how I feel sexy."