Big Brother Has Adorably Sincere Reaction to Mom's Pregnancy Reveal

Spoiler alert: This might make you cry happy tears.

Young Boy's Emotional Reaction to Mom's Pregnancy Announcement

Jaden is a six-year-old boy who was devastated when his mom had a miscarriage last year—but it looks like his ultimate wish to be a big brother will come true after all.

When Jaden's mom found out she was pregnant again, she decided to surprise her little boy—and lucky for us, she decided to record his reaction. Let's just say it does not dissappoint: Jaden is absolutely ecstatic throughout the entire video, gleefully ripping into a gift bag containing tiny shoes and tiny socks meant for his younger sibling. 

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"Why would you have those?" Jaden's mom asks when he pulls out the baby's socks.

"You're having a baby?" he asks. Both mother and son are giggling through most of the exchange...until Jaden bursts into a fit of happy tears. It's absolutely precious. Jaden, you're going to make an amazing big brother!

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