Big Sister's Pregnancy Announcement Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Holy adorable! A pregnant mother allowed her eldest child to announce she has a younger sibling on the way, and the result is so stinkin' cute. 

When Katie Moriarty was ready to announce her third pregnancy, she decided to do something a bit different: She handed her three-year-old daughter, Kyla, the reins—and as a result, the pregnancy reveal has gone viral.

"Kyla has a very big personality and has always been very expressive when she talks," Moriarty tells Fit Pregnancy of her decision to let Kyla reveal the family's big news. "She is always saying cute or funny things that make [me and my husband] laugh. We thought we would use her excitement about a new brother or sister and her fun personality to help us share our big news with family and friends."

Moriarty posted the video on her Facebook page, where it's been viewed over 4,000 times. The video is ridiculously cute and features Kyla speaking directly to camera. "Hey everybody, we have some big news today. Mommy's having a baby!" Kyla announces. "Do we think it's a boy or a girl? The baby's not going to come until January."

Kyla goes on to tell the world that her mom still looks "pretty skinny" but will soon look visibly pregnant (she demonstrates this by stuffing an object under her dress) and explains how she'll prepare her little brother to become an older sibling.

While Moriarty doesn't know her third baby's sex yet, Kyla already has her preference. "We [asked Kyla] what she thought about having another sibling. She told us that she would like a sister! We then told her that Mommy has a baby in her tummy. She got the biggest smile on her face.  It definitely melted my heart. [My son] Cohen is only a year old so he definitely didn’t understand, but we made a big deal out of him becoming a big brother the next morning."  

Moriarty has always known how entertaining her daughter is, but she didn't expect the reveal to get so much attention. "We are definitely surprised! Kyla is such a fun little girl and this video truly captures who she is," she tells us. "We thought that when we posted the video we would get some giggles from our friends and family that know her well. We weren’t expecting it go viral!"