Birth Photographer Captures Parking Lot Delivery

A Florida woman hired a birth photographer to capture her delivery—but the unexpected happened when the woman ended up delivering in a parking lot.

Birth Photographer Captures Parking Lot Delivery Paulina Splechta

Paula D'Amore regretted that she had no photographic evidence of her first two children's births so she decided that if she ever had another baby, she'd hire a photographer to capture the experience.

D'Amore, who has, by her own admission, a type A personality, managed to set up a photo shoot with birth photographer Paulina Splechta—but she couldn't predict what would happen on the day of her delivery. When the mom went into labor, she decided not to rush to the hospital. After all, it was her third delivery and she felt she knew her body well enough to avoid hours of waiting at the hospital.

But while D'Amore was en route to the hospital, she felt the urge to push. Her midwife met her in the parking lot of the hospital, where she helped deliver a baby girl. Splechta drove in a separate car and met them in the parking lot, where she was able to shoot photos of the whole experience. D'Amore had a VBAC birth, which refers to a vaginal delivery that occurs after a woman has had a C-section.

According to Splechta, D'Amore's birth was successful thanks to the contributions of several key players.

"Her labor at home accelerated from early labor to active labor, which is when we all knew we had to go to the hospital much sooner than we had planned. Paula feels very fortunate to have her doula with her in the car who guided her with support and breathing during the drive to the hospital. The moment we all arrived at the hospital, the baby's head emerged and the amazing hospital nursing staff joined them in the car to help suction amniotic fluid from the baby's mouth, and Paula's amazing midwife arrived instantly after this to deliver the rest of the baby and help Paula place the baby on her chest, and even to help accommodate Paula's husband Joe to cut the cord while they were all still in the car. This is an amazing day and stride forward for creating awareness of VBAC and repeat VBAC births. As a professional birth photographer I documented every step of Paula's labor and second vaginal delivery tastefully and non-intrusively," Splechta said.