Blizzard Sees Babies Born in All Kinds of Ways

East Coasters were well aware that they should stay inside as the storm raged outdoors. But what happens when a woman goes into labor during a blizzard?

Blizzard Sees Babies Born in All Kinds of Ways Krezodent/Shutterstock

Storm Jonas had East Coast residents stuck inside for days—but no amount of planning, grocery shopping or Netflix binging can work in your favor if you're a pregnant women who goes into labor while your city is on lockdown from a blizzard.

But many women managed to give birth successfully—even with Jonas coming down strong. Here are three awe-inspiring stories...

In Virginia

One woman who was stuck inside thanks to Jonas also happened to be a midwife. Oh, and she was also supposed to help a couple through their child's birth—a couple who also happened to be stuck inside during the blizzard, according to Fox Now.

The couple called 911 on Saturday afternoon, saying the wife was in labor. They told the dispatcher that their midwife wasn't able to make it to them, and while the dispatch center sent responders to the couple's house, the caller talked the couple through the process of bringing their son into the world.

In North Carolina

Annabel Jade will always be able to tell people that she was born in decidedly unusual circumstances: She came into this world on a couch in her grandmother's house during Jonas.

"She's perfect. Her vitals were perfect. Everything was awesome," her mother, Amanda Anderson, said.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Anderson and her husband went to two separate hospitals on Thursday but were told they weren't far enough along. The baby was born on Friday, at which point paramedics drove Anderson and her daughter, who weighed in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces, to the hospital after the birth. Both mother and baby are reportedly healthy.

In New Jersey

It took three emergency responders to deliver Hoboken's own "blizzard baby."

The New Jersey women who gave birth couldn't get to the hospital due to unsafe road conditions. By the time responders showed up to help her, the baby was already showing, according to reports. When the team of EMTs reached the woman's house, she was in the bathtub and her water had broken. They moved her to the couch, according to

The baby was delivered at home before mother and child were transferred to a nearby hospital.