Blogger Wants Pregnant Women to Dance

Do away with that image of an exhausted pregnant woman who is uncomfortable in her own body and replace it with one of her dancing, baby bump and all.

Blogger Wants Pregnant Women to Dance thealisonshow/Instagram

There's a long list of things pregnant women are told not to do—but as blogger Allison Faulkner points out, dancing isn't one of them.

The internet personality put out a challenge for pregnant women everywhere—she wants you to dance like no one is watching...and then upload videos of that dancing for others to watch. The results have been almost overwhelming, with pregnant women uploading short, silly clips of themselves dancing it out along with the hashtag #alisonspregnantladydanceoff. The women dance with various levels of proficiency, but they all have one thing in common: Everyone who participates in Alison's dance-off challenge looks like she's having a whole lot of fun.

"I started seeing more and more women posting these videos and I thought that I wanted to get in on that message," Instagram user Carmen "the modern mom" said in a video shared by BBC News. "It was both the beauty, self-esteem, self-acceptance while being pregnant but it was also about being positive with life in general."

"Pregnant women are kind of like...sometimes they don't want to show themselves off because they're like 'I have a giant stomach, I don't want to dance.' Seeing women being confident in their pregnant bodies—they were all great and they all made me laugh," Jordan Lund said in the same video.

The rules of this dance-off are simple: "If you're pregnant or trying to adopt, DANCE! And post it on Instagram! A panel of judges will choose 4 winners when the content ends," it reads on Alison's site. The contest has already ended but hey, do you really need a reason to dance with your bump? We didn't think so. You can check out all the dances here—and watch a few of our favorites below...