Breast Cancer Survivor Holds Baby For The First Time, Makes Us Cry

This video of a breast cancer survivor finally getting the chance to hold her child in a carrier for the first time is giving us all the feels. 

Every once in a while we come across something that reminds us to count our blessings—and it helps us put things into perspective in such a way that even the smallest realities of our day-to-day lives feel almost miraculous.

That's exactly what this video from Ergobaby will do for all the new moms out there. This particular clip features Nikki, a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer just three months after she welcomed her first child. The mom fought the disease hard. "He was my reason for living every single day," she says of her son. Nikki had a mastectomy and numerous surgeries, and even though she's been in remission for three years and went on to have another child, the disease took a certain ability that so many moms take for granted. 

Nikki wasn't able to strap anything to her chest, pick things up or even push her child's stroller after fighting the disease—that's why this video, which shows her wearing her child for the first time is so emotional. "Today is an incredible day because for the first time as a mom, I get to wear my baby close to my heart on my chest, and I have never done that before," she says in the video. And just like that, we're over here ugly crying.

The video shows Nikki's partner, Jill, helping to strap their child into Nikki's Ergobaby carrier (the company worked with Susan G. Komen's Carry For A Cure initiative to share her story) and the look on her face when she finally holds her baby to her heart is just so incredibly touching. "The little moments are the best moments," Nikki says.