Breastfeeding-Inspired Etsy Page Celebrates Nursing in the Most Creative Way

This artistic mama got crafty while battling morning sickness—and it led to a business centered around her desire to normalize breastfeeding.

Betty Ratbag was battling that notorious all-day-long sickness during her pregnancy, so she decided to do something to distract herself. She had no idea it would turn into a serious hustle, but sure enough, it did. Ratbag is the artist behind Ratbag666, an Etsy store where she sells handmade goods that all serve a specific purpose: to celebrate and normalize breastfeeding.

Ratbag's selection of goods includes pins, patches, embroidered pieces and tote bags. They bear gorgeously vivid images of mamas nursing their little ones, and we're loving both the products and the mission behind them. 

There's a huge conversation around the issue of normalizing breastfeeding, and advocates certainly do their parts: Women routinely post selfies for the cause, stand up for themselves when they're slammed for public breastfeeding, and even send other moms notes of encouragement when they see them struggling...but how often do we see images of nursing women on clothes, accessories or household items? Not too often, and by conquering this area, Ratbag is normalizing the act in a totally fresh new way.

Her store also gives mothers the chance to support a woman who lives a life that is probably very much like their own: "I never thought someone would pay money for one until I was proved me wrong," she wrote of the goods on her Etsy page. "I hardly have anytime to stitch anymore being a mother but when I get a spare ten minutes in between feeding, nappies, baths and most importantly playtime I'll pick the needle and thread back up for just a way to relax."