Breastfeeding Mamas in All Kinds of Crazy Positions Are Total #MomGoals

#BrelfieGoals all around for these moms, who prove you can nurse your baby no matter what.

If you're a breastfeeding mama, we don't have to tell you the act ain't always easy. Latching, milk supply, being judged for feeding in public—those are just a few of the things nursing moms have to worry about while breastfeeding their babies...but moms still manage to do it every single day.

All mamas are superheroes, but some ladies take breastfeeding goals to the next level: This year alone, breastfeeding moms have managed to nurse while running half marathons, when twisted into seemingly impossible yoga positions, even while they're in labor. Add this mama, who breastfed her little one while casually assuming a classic handstand position, to that list—the mother's photo appeared on Breastfeeding Mama Talk along with the caption "Don't do hand stands in front of a Breastfed child!" 

How awesome is that? Nursing is hard enough as it is, but when you add in the handstand, well, it's pretty clear that this mom is a badass. She's not the only one who impressed us this year, though: The vlogger behind Sophie's Joy Breastfeeding Mama shared a video of herself stepping into a handstand for her child to latch as well. 

Handstands weren't the only pose that got some nursing love this year—check out some of these fierce mamas (including Carlee Benear, who has an entire Instagram account devoted to her #breastfeedingyoga). They all twisted themselves into acrobatic positions while nursing and earned our admiration while doing so.