Is Breastfeeding With Santa Going Too Far?

There have been plenty of pro-breastfeeding photos making the rounds on Facebook, but you've probably never seen a public breastfeeding picture quite like this.

Is Breastfeeding With Santa Going Too Far? Facebook

This is one mom that should be on Santa's "good list" this year!

Rebecca Dunbar and her children were waiting in line to meet Santa Claus at an Ontario, Canada, mall when one of her infant twins started fussing. So, the 40-year-old decided to start nursing the child instead of pulling her family out of the (surely) long line to go somewhere more private. Then the idea popped in her head: Why not promote breastfeeding while visiting Kris Kringle? Dunbar's friend was in favor of the idea, too, so she decided to go for it.

"I asked the photographer if he'd be OK taking the picture and he said, 'Yeah, for sure, if it was OK with Santa," she told Toronto's City News. "And Santa said 'It's been 40 years and never had a question like that, but why not.'"

Afterward she posted it online with the caption "All I want for Christmas is a happy healthy baby." Cute, right? Well, others weren't so enthusiastic—some even called her "trashy" for putting the picture online.

"Jus (sic) because you can breastfeed on Santa's lap doesn't mean you should. Why is this even a debate?" one woman tweeted. Added another: "Breastfeeding on Santa's knee inappropriate. Is it ok to eat McDonald's on Santa's knee? Time & place for it." And these were the nicer comments of the bunch.

Dunbar has absolutely no regrets, even if she has to lock-down her social media to avoid the nasty commenters. "It is quite disappointing that people are so negative about it when it's not meant to be that way," she told the City News, adding that the picture wasn't some political statement. "Partly, it was just to be funny."