Britney Spears Pregnancy Parody Video a Hit

Moms who are fans of Britney Spears will love this pregnancy announcement video, which nails every stage of having a baby with each pop hit.

Britney Spears Pregnancy Parody Video a Hit Vintage Marquee Lights/YouTube

She's not a girl, not yet a mom-of-two—but she just created the most amazing pregnancy announcement video ever. You don't even need to be a Britney Spears fan to appreciate the pure brilliance of Machel Green and her hubby, Jerrad, who went all the way to the moon to reveal that, oops—they're pregnant again.

While they're already parents to the handsome, blonde, 3-year-old Noah—to announce their second child, they created a montage of parody videos, all set to Britney Spears songs. Get ready to sing along and applaud their creativity—because if you're going to go Britney, you obviously have to go all the way.

The video starts with the fun line: "Oops, I did it again. I took the test, and it's positive!" She then goes through clever lyrics detailing what the first month of pregnancy is like, when the only one who knows is the couple and keeping it hush-hush, and um, out of tabloids, is important. The video continues to another Britney Spears favorite, "Toxic"—where she (very accurately) describes morning sickness. Then, we watch Green hide her bump behind aisles at Target as she sings to the tune of "I'm A Slave For You," altered to say, "I'm avoiding you" because it's still too soon to reveal her bump to her mom.

Before the big finale, they share an intimate moment where they revealed the sex of their baby, but you're just going to have to watch to figure that one out (spoiler: it features squirt guns full of paint!). The grand finale for this pregnancy announcement that we hope will also perform on the Vegas strip? The first duet with the daddy-of-two-to-be, who expertly —yep, expertly—raps along with his wife about how awesome their second born will be. (We'd tell you the name of the song, but it'd give it away!)

The only thing left to say about this masterpiece? We hope they have another oops and do it again!