Calvin Klein-Inspired Photos Show Stretch Marks Are Beautiful

This mom looks even better than Justin Bieber does in his Calvins—and it's thanks to her amazing story.

Like so many new moms, Brenda DeRouen struggled to love her body after baby. But luckily for DeRouen, she found a way to make peace with her changed appearance—and in doing so, she inspired women everywhere to embrace their own so-called imperfections.

DeRouen, the blogger behind Oh Brenda! starred in a photoshoot inspired by the Calvin Klein campaign. She posed, a pair of the designer's underwear peeking out from inside her jeans, in a series of photos that showcase her midsection. 

New Mom Brenda DeRouen Shows Off Her Stretch Marks in Calvins Deun Ivory

"There are stretch marks on my stomach, and I hadn't come to terms with that," she told TODAY of her decision to take the photos. "I hadn't embraced that part of myself. So I went on this little journey and I was like, you know, it's time to get over it."

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DeRouen, who had a baby when she was 17, wanted to write a post about body image on her blog—but she quickly decided that the photos would be an even more powerful way of communicating this. She enlisted photographer Deun Ivory and the two women created something really powerful.

Brenda DeRouen Shows Off Her Stretch Marks on Her Belly Deun Ivory

They managed to have fun while they did it, too. "Our goal was basically to empower women to not be afraid to reveal themselves and embrace those features that society deems as imperfection," Ivory told TODAY. "It was really organic—we put on Beyoncé and Drake and it was just amazing."

So why did DeRouen choose to wear Calvins for the shoot? "It's comfortable, it's sexy, you feel good in it," she said.

Brenda DeRouen Shows Off Her Stretch Marks on Her Belly Deun Ivory

"The media has made it seem like you have to have the perfect body," DeRouen said. "You have to have abs and nice boobs and a big butt now. And in real life, there is no perfect person. There's no person who looks like the people we see on TV. I don't see those types of women. I see women who look like myself."

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