Children and Gratitude

11-27-08: My Greatest Blessing


As we walked into church this week, we were given a small piece of construction paper shaped like a turkey. Our task was to write something we were grateful for and place it in the offering basket. There are a hundred things I'm thankful for, but as a sat through the service I thought about my greatest blessing.

Everyday I fumble through parenthood hoping that I'm making the right choices and best decisions. Too often, though, I end the day feeling like I could do better. So I feel incredibly grateful for each new day. No matter what the previous day was like, the next day gives me the chance to try again—to be more loving, compassionate, and patient with my children.

I'm also grateful for the special moments of each new day. I'm thankful for David's first smile, for Elise's singing, and Julia's dancing. I'm thankful to be the first one to witness these moments and thankful that their greatest joy is sharing them with me.

The last few weeks, we've been suffering through a nasty cold. I had a sore throat. Elise had conjunctivitis and the hives. Julia has a cough that won't go away. And now David is sneezing and stuffed up. I'm tempted to wish days like these away, but even crusty noses and bloodshot eyes are a strange kind of blessing. Whether I'm fixing soup for Julia, rubbing ointment in Elise's eyes, or suctioning David's nose, I'm aware that even the crappiest moments are worth my gratitude. Because being a mom, each and every day, is truly my greatest blessing.