Couple Dances Their Way to Delivery

We've heard of some crazy methods for speeding up labor, but we've never seen anyone go all out the way this couple did when they danced their way to baby.

Couple Dances Their Way to Delivery Nyra The Doula/Facebook

Add this to the list of things that could speed up labor for you: One Philadelphia couple had an extremely active method for helping their baby out into the world when they decided to dance their way to delivery.

Suzette and Yovanys took advice from their doula very seriously: They literally broke into dance while Suzette was in labor. They performed a Dominican dance called the Bachata, hospital dressing gown and all. Watching the video of this, you'd never think Suzette was in the painful part of labor, but according to Yovanys, she was in "crazy pain." Her contractions were just three minutes apart—so basically, this woman is a superhero.

Their doula, Nyra, shared a video of the entire scene. It looks like her plan worked, too—the couple welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby girl, named Thalia Yvette Dominguez, nine hours after the video (see below) was taken.

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