Couple Reveals Pregnancy in Adorable Halloween Film

The popular couple from YouTube channel Story of This Life just posted a clever reveal of their second pregnancy and it's going viral, just in time for Halloween.

FitPregnancy-Viral-Halloween-Pregnancy-Reveal-Funny Story of This Life/YouTube

Halloween may just be the most exciting time of year for this YouTube couple—the two decided to treat their loyal following to a huge trick at the end of their latest funny video. That's right, this super sweet film was all leading up to a big (spoiler alert!) ...pregnancy reveal! We can't even be mad at Thad and Esther Anderson because of how precious this one-minute video really is—plus we are totally excited for them.

Esther told Fit Pregnancy she started filming videos just for fun when they started going viral. Soon enough she and her hubby started putting a little planning into the videos, like with this latest one. The night before they started filming the Halloween reveal, they were laughing so hard over talking about taking their kiddo trick-or-treating, and they knew they had to put a video together. "We had been having the exact coversation on our couch as the one we had in the first scene of this video," Esther says. The duo has so much fun putting these together, and we have so much fun watching them! Here's what happens in the latest:

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The Andersons casually lounge on their sofa as they discuss trick-or-treating plans in front of their two-year-old Ellia. Originally opposed to the idea of taking Ellia trick-or-treating, Esther is convinced by her candy-dreaming hubby to take to the streets on Halloween. Next thing you know, sweet Ellia (dressed as a little duck!) runs door to door with three plastic pumpkin candy buckets while her parents gleam as they get heavier and she makes her way through the neighborhood.

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What's the best part of Halloween? Duh—turning those pumpkin buckets upside down on the kitchen table to sort through the loot! As Ellia reaches for some candy, her mom and dad simply push her a few Tootsie Rolls and keep the rest for their own indulgence. After deciding this was possibly one of the best things they have ever done with their little cutie Ellia, they high-five each other in excitement that next year they will score twice as much candy. The camera shifts down to focus on Esther's tummy, which is bulging. She reveals her due date as April 20, 2016 for baby number two!

As for Ellia and trick-or-treating in real life? The Andersons will be taking her out in her duck attire, and according to Esther, she and Thad plan on eating most of her chocolate, "unashamedly."