Couple Shares Infertility in the Style of a Pregnancy Announcement

Do you think these announcements are funny or just too controversial?

Pregnancy announcement photoshoots are a dime a dozen these days, but here's one thing we haven't seen until now: An infertility announcement. 

Whitney and Spencer Blake are the couple behind this particular photo series, which is a clear riff on the popular baby announcement shots that seem to pop up all over social media. Despite the fact that their battle with infertility can't be an easy one, the Blakes have decided to inject some humor into their situation. Sure, it's a senstive issue, but their decision to come clean about their infertility just might give other couples who are struggling with the same issue the feeling that they are not alone—and that's a really valuable thing.

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Infertility Announcement Modeled After a Movie Poster

Whitney and Spencer ultimately chose to adopt two sons—but only after undergoing painful fertility treatments.

"We'd been talking about how it feels to hear pregnancy announcements and thought it might be funny to create our own versions," Whitney said of her decision to take these photos. "To be honest, pregnancy announcements were one of the hardest parts of infertility. We tried really hard to plaster smiles on our faces and celebrate with the people we loved who were growing their families, but it was so achingly difficult to watch everyone around us receive the blessing we desired more than anything."

Infertility Announcement With No Bun in the Oven

She opened up about her commitment to maintaining a sense of humor throughout her infertility as well. "Even in the midst of all of the heartache, we definitely found plenty to laugh about. In the middle of our struggle and the heart of our childless years, I made an infertility board game as a joke. I think it sums up pretty well some of the ways we used humor as a coping mechanism," Whitney told PopSugar Moms

Infertility Scrabble

Spencer opened up about the couple's decision to share these photos as well. "Most of the things you read online about infertility come from women's point of view—for obvious reasons—but there aren't as many men's perspectives on the subject. One of the ways I've been able to cope is being somewhat open about it, with my wife's encouragement. Not that I try to overshare or get too personal about it, but I think Whitney had a very healing idea in having us carefully share our struggles with people close to us," he said.

Infertility Announcement Using Pizza

What do you think of these photos? Would you ever do something like this?

Infertility Announcement with a Dead End Sign