Couple's Viral Pregnancy Reveal is Worthy of the Big Screen

Pregnancy and parenthood: Coming to a theater, um, life near you.

Cinematic Pregnancy Reveal Couple simplyerik/YouTube
Erik Herrera decided to do something memorable to announce his wife, Rebecca's, pregnancy—and let's just say he succeeded. After five years of trying, the couple's IVF round proved to be successful, so Herrera did what he needed to do to show his wife she had his support...and the move he employed was straight out of a romantic comedy.

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"When any woman goes through infertility treatments, it's important to have a support network of others for her to lean on, especially during the failures," Herrera told TODAY Parents. "My wife sort of felt a little robbed that she couldn't have a normal, surprise pregnancy announcement. She thought everyone knew—that they were either in the support network or were praying for us—so I wanted to do something so special that she would nearly forget all of the past five years."

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His solution was to record a movie trailer of sorts. The purpose of this preview? To announce the couple's pregnancy. This guy pulled out all the stops—he was inspired by the Honest Trailers YouTube channel and even hired Jon Bailey, who voices those popular videos, to lend his talents.

The video starts off by showing Herrera and his wife in "Marriage Town," a place where adults can sleep in, shop and relax—but, as Bailey mentions, that quickly goes "down the fallopian tube." The video continues, showing all the things pregnant women have to deal with and ends with a shot of the couple seeing their baby's ultrasound. 

"It has been a very emotional roller coaster for the both of us," Herrera said. "It's so hard as a husband to hear the phone ring, not hear what the person on the other end is saying, and then see my wife just break down into tears. I wanted to scream to the world that we were pregnant, and this video was my way of doing that."

We just love this video—and just like a movie trailer, it's only a preview of coming attractions.

Watch the whole thing here: