Couple Wows Friends with Twin Baby News

One Florida couple kept their twin baby news a secret all 9 months—only to make the big reveal to friends and family in the most awesome way. Watch this sweet video.

Couple Wows Friends with Twin Baby News Korey Rademacher/YouTube

We give major props to moms-and-dads-to-be who have the willpower to hide the sex of their baby from their parents, family and friends—but this couple might be the best baby-secret-keepers, ever.

Sharon and Korey Rademacher found out they were having twins in August and, according to an interview with ABC News, as soon as they picked their jaws off the floor, they made a pact not to tell anyone. Instead, they wanted to throw a twist on a gender reveal and throw a baby reveal instead.

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How does that work? Watch the adorable, hilarious six-minute video below and find out. You'll see everyone the couple loves entering the hospital room behind a curtain, stating what they guess the baby will be (Boy? Girl?) and then just try not to tear up when you see their happy faces turn from joy to shock, back to joy again when the big reveal happens. It's truly pretty amazing—they even use Skype to share the news with those far away.

Now the twin girls are home with their parents and older brother in Pensacola, Fla. When they throw a first birthday party for that pair, we can't wait to see what surprise is in store because this family, frankly, knows how to throw a party. Even if it's in a delivery room.

Spoiler alert: Grab those tissues and tune in.