Dad Bod? Let's Hear it For the Mom Bod!

The dad bod meme is going strong, and we love the message it sends to our husbands & sons. But we think it's time to embrace the mom bod, too. Because it's awesome.

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By now, you've heard of the #dadbod trend. Instead of shaming dudes for their imperfect bodies, ladies are celebrating the bod that they love. We kind of love the message and we agree—men definitely don't need six packs or bulging muscles for us to be wildly attracted to them. (The biggest turn on, really, is seeing him be a great father to our kiddos, after all.)

But before we jump on the #dadbod bandwagon, we'd like to make a case for the mom bod. There's already an unrealistic expectation on women to snap back to their pre-baby body before Baby is even a year old, and though celebs might be able to use professional trainers, the rest of us are often stuck figuring it out on our own.

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Family and marriage expert and author, Megan Bearce says there's so much more to the celeb-mom makeover behind the scenes that we never hear about (but we should!). "We are bombarded with stories and images of celebrity moms who lose the baby weight in record time," she told "What is left out is whether they scheduled a tummy tuck and liposuction immediately after their C-section or how often they meet with a trainer, how many nannies and night nurses they have working for them so they have the time and energy for two-hour daily workouts. There might also be a housekeeper, cook, and assistants, all of whom are key in making it possible to have a 'amazing' post-baby body."

So why not celebrate the mom bod with as much acceptance as we give the dad bod that's a little flabby, pale and endearing? Can't a mom bod be just as comfortable, and dare we say it, inspiring?

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"We need to have the dominant message be that moms come in all shapes and sizes," Bearce says. "Stretch marks and scars are often the reality of the process of having a baby, and the pressure to hid or rid shouldn't take away from the self-care, self-esteem or quality family time."

With Memorial Day this weekend and the official start of summer, we challenge you to show off your mom bod, like these amazing women below. As Bearce says, showing that you're proud of your body—flaws and all—teaches your daughter to have confidence, and shows your son what un-airbrushed body really looks like. Be proud of that awesome body—it might not be the fittest or firmest its ever been, but it sure is strong—it produced life!

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For years I've always considered myself "fat," because #society sees me that way. Well ya know what? Screw society and what people think. Since when is being a size 8 considered being over weight? Yes, I have #stretchmarks and Yes, I have #cellulite But that's because I brought 4 amazing #kiddos into this world! I'm proud that I have a #mombod Yes....I can always improve my body, and I'm working on that, but until then....take me as I am. Oh...and I don't own a bathing suit because I've always felt super ugly in one and I've always been self conscious. Maybe I'll go shopping for a bikini! #sorrynotsorry for the bra and undie pic 😄. Let's see your #mombod #fitness #motivation #armywife #body #dreamsdocometrue #energy #fit #gains #gym #getsome #hotmamma #iwilllookgood #militarywife #nutrition #personaltrainer #sahm #Thrive #thriving #weightloss #weirdo #people #gma

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