Dad Pregnancy Reveal Ends in Miscarriage

The unconventional pregnancy reveal that went viral last week, where a dad tells a mom she's pregnant, has ended in miscarriage, popular vloggers Sam & Nia announce.

Dad Pregnancy Reveal Ends in Miscarriage Sam and Nia/YouTube

By now you've probably seen the most unconventional pregnancy reveal in the history of viral videos. Sam, who, along with his wife Nia, hosts a much buzzed about vlogging series online, surprised her with the news she was pregnant. The clip of her reaction drew feedback ranging from the "Wow, that's creepy" variety, to praise in the vein of, "Aww, how sweet." But sadly, Sam and Nia's initial elation has given way to heartache.

The couple announced that Nia suffered a miscarriage just days after Sam's controversial pregnancy reveal video garnered almost 13 million views online. But instead of hiding their grief, the parents have decided to openly share what it feels like to go through this deeply personal loss.

"Nia, God's ready to use us in a huge way," Sam says in a new video. Before he even finished this first sentence, his wife breaks down in tears. You can see that Sam is struggling to maintain his composure as well.

Nia then explains how the couple's celebratory mood came crashing down upon learning about the miscarriage, and that she can finally relate to other moms who have experienced pregnancy loss. "I have felt my womb empty out," she confesses.

The vloggers are already being praised online for using their popularity to shed light on a tragedy that is often hidden from public view. Even though as many as 25 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, many women battle feelings of shame, guilt, and unthinkable grief in private. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan recently opened up about suffering multiple miscarriages, and how isolating the experience can feel.

It's due to a fear of miscarrying that women traditionally wait until the end of the first trimester to share pregnancy news. This long-enduring taboo sentences moms-to-be to suffer through morning sickness, mood swings, and other difficult early pregnancy symptoms alone, as they hide this hugely life-changing event from family, friends and coworkers. Then, if the worst happens and a pregnancy ends in loss, women are left to pick up the pieces of a life no one even knew existed.

Despite all this, it seems Sam and Nia do not regret announcing they were expecting too soon. "Maybe there's someone out there who's going through this with us," Nia says in the video. She and Sam also say they will continue to try to grow their family.