Daring Dad Streams His Wife's Entire Birth on Facebook Live

If you're preparing to give birth yourself, you can watch the whole thing in all its 45-minute glory for preparation. But here's the million dollar question: How would you feel if your partner did this?

Fakamalo Kihe Eike had an unusual way of announcing his baby's birth. 

The father accompanied his wife to the hospital on Saturday, when she went into labor. He was by her side throughout the 45 minutes that she spent pushing before she finally gave birth to their baby boy. How do we know this? Well, because we've seen the video of the entire thing. And we're not the only ones. 

Eike posted a simple message on Facebook: "Let's try pushing this baby out." That's not the crazy part, though—what's worth noting is the video that accompanied this message: A 45-minute take of his wife giving birth. The video captures the mother pushing, straining and finally holding her baby to her chest. It was streamed via Facebook Live, a new real-time broadcasting feature on the social media platform, which means this is likely to be the first live birth ever posted this way.

How do you feel about this move? We're torn—on the one hand, childbirth is natural and beautiful and we can't fault anyone for choosing to showcase that. On the other hand, welcoming your baby is such a personal thing and we can't help but wonder why this dad was behind the screen instead of engaged in the moment. Would you allow this in your birthing suite?