Diaper Bargains To Write Home About

10.01.10 6 weeks old

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Wow, another growth spurt already? On Tuesday Tucker suddenly fed for a total of five and a half hours, up from his usual three and a half or so. His sleep went wonky again and he was back into his “Little Monster” onesie for the duration. It doesn’t help that our weather has been gross; hot and incredibly muggy and rainy. He wakes up drenched in sweat and feels clammy all the time (I’ve checked, he doesn’t have a fever), and there’s really nothing I can do about it. Poor little guy.

As anyone with a baby knows, life in these first couple months has three endlessly repeated phases: Sleep, Feed, Diaper. The feeding I’ve got taken care of, product-free (ha!). But daytime sleep is still something we’re struggling with, and of course I’m still trying to figure out my cloth-diaper alternative.

First, the diapers. A few weeks ago I wrote of my love for Nature Babycare’s unscented wipes. The only downside is that they aren’t very commonly available in stores: There’s one Babies R Us in the area that sometimes has them, but they aren’t at all BRU stores and they aren’t in drugstores or Whole Foods, as far as I’ve seen. Ordering online is the obvious solution. So I went on a very popular baby-supply site that shall remain anonymous, and I placed an order for a case of wipes. 10 packs were $34.99, and I didn’t really think about it because I was sleep-deprived and really needed the wipes. Once they arrived I opened the incredibly heavy box and thought to myself “Wait, these were $2.99 each at BRU. Why did I pay $3.49?” That led me to Amazon.com, where I was quickly initiated into the wonders of the new Amazon Mom program. Oh my GOD, you guys.

Amazon Mom is actually open to anyone who takes care of kids, and it offers free Amazon Prime membership (free two-day shipping on all orders) along with extra discounts if you sign up for regular deliveries of your favorite diapers and wipes. First of all, the normal price for the case of wipes at Amazon is $23.65. (I emailed the anonymous website, irate, and to their credit they refunded me the difference.) But if you sign up to get a case of the wipes delivered every two months—or however often you want them—you get an extra *30 PERCENT* off, and the price drops to $16.56. Half off! Plus when you order normal Amazon stuff, like books, you still get the two-day shipping! I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial, but that’s a pretty serious savings.

I promptly put in my first subscription order, for a case of Seventh Generation’s chlorine-free diapers, due to arrive today. Once Tucker outgrew the Pampers Swaddlers newborn diapers, we tried Nature Babycare’s offering, since we love their wipes so much. I didn’t like them—they are very papery, which makes them slightly more biodegradable, but they seemed to leak urine more often. Also, there’s no stretch in the back waistband, only in the tabs, and I felt like I had to put Tucker in a corset, practically, to get the diaper tight enough. I think they’d work better for a baby with fatter thighs; the leg opening was just too big for him. Anyway, a friend recommended the Seventh Generation diapers, which are an attractive plain ecru color with no pattern, very Calvin Klein Bébé. The fit is great on him, and they have a nice elastic back. I’m thrilled with them so far; my only complaint is that the tabs are so long that it can be hard to find the end while I’m diapering him! BTW, a case of 176 from that anonymous website: $40.99, or 23 cents per diaper; from Amazon with the subscription savings: $27.99, or about 16 cents each.

Wow, that’s a lot of words about diapers and prices. Sorry.

In other news, daytime naps! I need them to happen at home, to save my sanity and keep me from walking 5 miles a day as the weather gets worse! We are returning that crazy expensive bouncer pod thing I talked about last week, and we went to Target and bought a basic Fisher-Price portable swing. It’s not magic, but it works better than the gentle pod action—Tucker is sleeping in it now, though it took a while to get him there. Meanwhile I’ve been making myself nuts reading too many different parenting books. The Baby Whisperer says not to rock or sway or feed them to sleep; everyone else says you can’t spoil a newborn. (“Everyone” includes our pediatrician, by the way.) I’m totally baffled!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Mass. When she's not cooking or writing, she is gearing up for the arrival of her first child this summer.