Epic Dance Video Reveals Surprise Pregnancy

Two dancers set the ups and downs of life together to music and perform it as a dance—but the surprise pregnancy reveal at the end is the highlight.

Epic Dance Video Reveals Surprise Pregnancy DanceOn/YouTube

Here at Fit Pregnancy, we've seen our fair share of cute pregnancy reveals—but few are as artistic or creative as this one.

We stumbled upon this video of a couple who tells the vivid and relatable story of their relationship through dance. Keone and Mari Madrid (who met while teaching a dance class, fittingly enough) take us through their eight-year relationship.

They start out by walking into a home, where they settle in and begin dancing to the song "Stuck With Me" by Timeflies.

The couple continues to dance out the story of their relationship, focusing on major moments like their engagement, but also highlighting the mundane moments (think cleaning sessions, moving boxes into the home, arguing with one another.)

The highlight of the video comes at the end, though. Mari hands Keone a small wrapped item while he's reading on the couch. Keone opens it, looks shocked and leaps off the couch to hug his wife. They hold each other, dance some more, flash the camera a pair of tiny shoes and finally hang the shoes on their tree like an ornament. All in all, it's about the cutest, most original pregnancy reveal we've seen. That kid is going to have some serious moves.