Facebook Post Proves There's No 'Right' Age to Have a Baby

Think you're "too young" or "too old" to be pregnant? Take a look at this Facebook post, which proves there are infinite variations of "normal."

Facebook Pregnancy Age Shutterstock
Some women become mothers in their teens, others do so in middle age. And you know what? As long as these women stay safe and give their children the best care they possibly can, all of these experiences are valid and wonderful. Though trends indicate that more and more women are delaying motherhood, there's no "right" age to become a parent, and a new Facebook post rests on this idea, showing that there are so many #variationsofnormal.

The Birth Without Fear Facebook page recently shared a post prompting its followers to share their stories: "I was _____ years old when I had my baby(ies). #variationsofnormal," the post reads. Users are weighing in with information about how old they were when they welcomed their babies, and the range of experiences is amazing. 

The post has over 2,000 comments (and counting!), with women sharing their diverse experiences. "[I was] 16, 20 and 26. Feel so bloody old lol," one user commented. Another woman shared that she welcomed her first child at 18 and will become a mother to her fifth at 43. Another still shared that she became a mom at 15, then had another child just a year later.

But you won't just see diversity in age if you scroll through these responses. Some mothers have only children, other have upwards of seven kids. The comments on this post are also peppered with stories of tragic outcomes. One woman who welcomed her children at "23,26,39 and 42" added: "Those are just my live birth children. There was also miscarriages, ectopics and surrogacies."

While some mothers shared that they welcomed children back-to-back, others left large gags between pregnancies. "18 & 38 (20 yrs apart but the pregnancies & deliveries were pretty much identical; even gained the exact same amt of weight 18 lbs)," one woman commented.

Whatever the case may be, moms clearly appreciated the wide range presented in the comments. "Reading these comments makes me feel good. Everyone was acting like I am so young to be having children, but looking here I see so many other early/mid 20's parents. It is comforting," one mom shared.

We want to hear from you: How old were you when you welcomed your children? Did you ever feel like you were "too young" or "too old?"