Family Welcomes Identical Triplets Against All Odds

A one-in-a-million phenomenon, literally!

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Gavin and Kimberly Fradel have already started painting their daughters' nails—which might seem crazy, since the girls are just over a month old. But here's the thing: There's no cosmetic reason behind this. They do it so they can tell their three babies apart. 

You see, Grace, Stella and Emily are identical triplets. Sure, you've probably seen a few sets of identical twins in your life, and you may even know a set of triplets—but you've probably never encountered identical triplets before. That's because the Fradel girls represent what some experts estimate to be a one-in-a-million possibility.

When parents Gavin and Kimberly learned they were expecting a set of triplets, they were completely shocked. Already mom and dad to 2-year-old Gavin Jr., they had been trying for a second child. Dad Gavin opened up to ABC News about the moment his wife told him that their family of three was quickly becoming a family of six: "She started crying and she was like, 'Do you know how many kids we're having?'" Fradel recalled. "I said, 'Twins?' And she said, 'No, we're having triplets.' A cloud went over my face and I said, 'Are you serious?'"

“Once we got over the initial shock, we received so much love from people," Kimberly recalled to the family's local ABC affiliate. "And I had a very supportive employer, we both have had very encouraging employment situations, that we just felt like, ‘OK, we can do this.’ We’re not doing it by ourselves. We’re doing it with the community, and a community of people who love us, love our children, and the support has just made it OK."

So, how's big brother Gavin Jr. adjusting to his new full house? "[At first], he turned around and said, ‘Daddy, take them back!'” Gavin told ABC News, laughing. “I hugged him and said, ‘Son, I can’t take them back. They’re your sisters.’ Today, Gavin kisses them on their heads, gives the bottles to my wife, and he’s such a good big brother to them.”