Famous Bump-to-Bump Photo Recreated with the Adorable Babies IRL

No more bump comparisons here, just pure baby love!

Remember when Chontel Duncan went viral after sharing a photograph of herself posing bump-to-bump with a pregnant friend? She made waves for pointing out that baby bumps, just like women, simply come in all shapes and sizes—and that there's nothing wrong with that at all.

We loved Duncan's photo and message then but we are just as taken by the more recent shot she shared—mostly because it features two adorable newborns.

Duncan and her friend decided to recreate the original bump photo, but with a twist. Both ladies are holding their babies in the recreation shot and it's so friggin' cute.

"Had a lovely surprise visit from Nat & baby Charlie. Omg his baby blue eyes are so beautiful. Wish I could have cuddled & kissed him but I'm not 100% well yet (hence my rank face). Two healthy incredible pregnancies & now two healthy baby boys," Duncan captioned the photo. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Duncan is already back at her workouts in full force. These days, she's toting her little one, Miah, along at the gym...but we all know that won't stop this fit mama.