First Haircut Blues

08.12.11 11 months, 3 weeks


You guys. Ben had been giving me a hard time about how long Tuck’s hair was getting, and he was starting to be mistaken for a girl. This morning I had some sort of fit and decided to trim it myself. THIS IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA! I was overly confident because I’d trimmed his bangs really well a month or two ago, but this was....not good. Actually, it wasn’t terrible except on one side, where it really short. With a clear cutting-line in the hair. Really short. Really bad. Luckily I stopped before messing up the top, so I took him in after his nap to get it fixed by a pro, and now it’s just, um, short. I’ve already been reprimanded by Ben and the babysitter. And I just feel sick. All his nice curls, gone. Ugh.

I have quite a few things to catch up on. First, an addition to the water-bottle/sippy cup rundown in my last post. Our wonderful new babysitter brought Tuck a ZoLi Bot sippy cup, which is total genius. It has a really flexible silicone straw inside with a weight at the bottom, so however your child tips the cup the straw follows the liquid! It’s small and light, too, so it’s easy for Tuck to handle. He is extremely fond of it. Sometimes he yells if I won’t let him hold onto it all the time. And it doesn’t seem to leak, either, though I haven’t tried tossing it in a bag on the go.

Thing two: A couple months ago when Tuck started crawling I realized we needed to cover our kitchen floor, which is in pretty bad shape and threatened to give him lots of splinters. I contacted Flor, the makers of brilliant carpet tiles, and they sent me a rug to try out. I spent weeks dithering on which one to choose for such a high-traffic/high-mess area, and settled on the faded black “favorite jeans” tiles, which have a subtle orange stripe on some tiles and are made with a very flat weave that is easy to care for.

The good: Super fun and easy to install. I got a mix of whole and half tiles to fit our narrow kitchen. I was worried that Tuck would pull the tiles apart but he hasn’t had any luck. The rug looks nice—subtle, modern, not like it would be gross in a kitchen. It vacuums like a dream.

The bad: I didn’t choose too wisely in terms of style/design. I thought the faded black, which has some variation/stripe to it, would hide crumbs, but I wasn’t thinking clearly. Crumbs from feeding a child are mostly pale—bread, cheese, etc. A dark grey rug shows every single one. Though on second thought, that’s not really bad. It does make vacuuming easy since I can see what I’m aiming for!

Overall I’m really pleased. It’s a great solution for an oddly-shaped space, where any standard rug would have been the wrong size. I like that I can re-arrange it in a different space if we move. I could even order more tiles and make it bigger if I wanted. I’d highly recommend one of the cushier styles (something like Toy Poodle) for a playroom, actually—you could do a really fun pattern or mix of colors (there are stripes that I’m obsessed with) if you weren’t worrying quite so much about food prep and spills. Yay, Flor!


Tuck’s birthday is a week from Saturday!! I’ve got the party all planned. I ordered darling decorations from an Etsy seller (I’ll post more after the party) and I picked up plastic plates from Ikea for 4/$1.99. Sadly they were out of the blue, but the green will be ok. We’re having the party at a cool park here in Cambridge, with a nice water feature as well as lots of playground equipment and picnic tables in the shade. It’s right by the river, which is a plus. Of course, it’s mostly adults who will be coming! I’m excited—just cross your fingers that we get good weather.


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Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.