Grandpa-to-Be Has Cutest Reaction to Daughter's Pregnancy

These soon-to-be parents took a page out of The Tonight Show's book and turned family game night into one of the cutest pregnancy reveals we've seen this year.

Grandpa-to-Be Has Cutest Reaction to Daughter's Pregnancy Alexa Goolsby/YouTube

There are few things cuter than an aging dad finding out he's going to be a grandfather. Need proof? Let us introduce you to Robert Anderson.

Anderson's daughter, Alexa Goolsby, and her husband are in their first pregnancy, so they decided to play a little game with her parents while making the big reveal.

"Baby announcement to my parents during family game night!" she wrote on YouTube, adding that Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show gags gave them the inspiration for their own version of The Whisper Challenge.

The parents-to-be outfit the grandparents-to-be in headphones and loud music, then start revealing their big pregnancy news. The grandparents must guess what's being sad.

Alexa's mom gets it almost instantly, but let's just say it takes Robert a little bit longer to catch on. "Keep saying it, keep saying it!" he yells over the music blasting in his ears. "Shorts... short. Do you want me to what?"

The guesses continue: "You are... you are mean... you are going to... you are going to the beach!"

He launches into a few more nonsensical phrases, but finally he understands—and the moment is priceless. "I'm going to be a grandfather," he says before the reality of the news really hits. "I'm going to be a grandfather! I can't believe that!"

Alexa is due in May and it sounds like things are going well, judging from her elated Facebook post. "Thank you everyone for all of the love!!! We are truly blessed by all of your kind words and we are so excited about the journey we are starting!!" she wrote.