Ha! Pushy Grandparents Learn Months-Long Pregnancy Secret in This Sweet Revenge Video

A couple's "revenge" pregnancy reveal video is actually more adorable than you'd ever believe. All the emotions, people. All the emotions.

Alistair and Chika Milne had barely gotten married when Chika’s parents began “pushing” the pair to have a baby. A lot of couples can relate, right? While parents mean well, that pressure can be tough to deal with—and just downright annoying.

That’s why Al and Chika decided to exact “revenge” on Chika’s parents when they did actually get pregnant with their first child. Luckily, the revenge quickly turned into an incredibly sweet— and totally shocking—pregnancy reveal made just for the grandparents.

The video begins with Al and Chika explaining their situation: He is from Australia; she hails from Indonesia. They were married for about three years when they began recording the video.

The couple filled Chika’s siblings in when they learned they were expecting—but they also asked them to keep the news a secret from their parents. But don’t feel too sorry for the clueless parents: The couple recorded video clips throughout Chika’s pregnancy and then sent them a video so they could watch moments from the entire process. If their reactions are any indication, Chika’s parents were captivated just watching their daughter doing seemingly random things like eating and shopping, and then completely over the moon when they finally saw the sonogram and realized what the video had been about.

Al and Chika have since welcomed their son, and we bet the grandparents are overjoyed … but possibly already pushing for baby number 2! 

Check out the whole video to watch this couple go from the early stages of pregnancy to the early stages of parenthood. And try not to cry when they hug Chika’s parents. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.