Happily Ever After

1-22-09: The End

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Once upon a time there was a mom who had two beautiful daughters. She and her husband weren't sure if they should add another baby to their family. Things were pretty wonderful as a family of four. But they wondered: if parenting their girls brought them this much happiness, wouldn't adding another baby simply increase the joy?

So without too much thought, they got pregnant. And the mom experienced morning sickness and worry and aches and all that other pregnancy stuff. There were times when she thought, "This is not a fairy tale pregnancy." So she worried about their decision to bring another baby into this world. "Will I be a good mom to three?" she also wondered.

Then she found out she was having a boy, and she really started to worry. "What will I do with a boy," she fretted. She reminded herself that once the baby arrived, she would feel better. Still she wasn't entirely sure how it would be to have three children.

Finally the mom got really big and cranky. She wanted the baby out even though she had doubts. She thought her life would be crazy and chaotic at home. She thought she would never sleep again. She thought she would cry a lot.

Then the mom gave birth to a boy named David. Just like it was with her girls, she cried when he emerged from her womb crying. She cried and cried and was so happy. She was so happy she had a boy. Her husband and little girls were happy too.

When she got home she felt relaxed and at peace. Since the moment he was born, this little boy brought nothing but joy to his mom.

Now when she looks back on her pregnancy, she realizes it made her a stronger person. Being a mom is never easy. Sometimes we have to endure challenges that push us in different ways. While her pregnancy may not have been perfect in every way, it ended like all fairy tales do: happily ever after.

Shelley Abreu is a freelance writer, who has enjoyed every moment of writing this blog (even when she had her head in the toilet). She's grateful to FitPregnancy for the assignment, and sad to conclude this blog. You can now catch her writing at www.shelleyabreu.com and www.kidappetit.com.